D. S. Kook

Chi Fighter, Sifu, Spiritual Teacher

Chi Fighter Wing Chun is the way of the Spiritual Fist. Some spiritual teachers will say,
"Look beyond the fist."  And too them I would say, "Where is the fun in that?" 
Your Chi Fighter Spiritual Training begins with Siu Lim Tao.

Siu Lim Tao is the perfect platform to start a spiritual conversation. 108 movements, a continuous flow from beginning to end. The perfect mathematical system of movements designed to unlock your implicit awareness of the seven chakras and the many lines of energy that keep you alive.

Siu Lim Tao is the first system of movements taught in the martial art made famous as of late by the Ip Man movies. Wing Chun is a martial art which promotes kindness. If you go online you will be witness to vast amounts of information contrary to this. Think of it as the flip side of the coin. If I want to spend the coin, I will need both sides. I have accepted the Yin and Yang of things. Yin and Yang, not as opposites but rather compliments to each other; the extreme ends are still part of the whole. The Spiritual Fist of the Siu Lim Tao is unique, fast and when it counts, invisible.

I'm not going to paint a negative picture about society to try and guilt you into paying me money today to teach you the art and science of Wing Chun. But, if you already have a negative picture about society and you aren't going to run away off to some cave to forget all of your problems, Chi Fighter Wing Chun is right for you.

Email me today, let's get you started.

I am  also not going to tell you that dangerous people are out to steel your spiritual energy to use for their own good. But, like above, if you already feel this way, learning the Sui Lim Tao will definitely help. I live in Rhode Island. If you are local, let's get together right away, the Universe likes speed.

Not in Rhode Island, no problem, some Spiritual Training over Skype can be arranged. I am not the only answer in town or around the world but I might be the right answer. Reach out, lets fire up your Spiritual Fists Chi Fighter!! If not now, when? If not me, who?
Time stops for no one and people find Wing Chun for different reasons, what reason's did the grand masters from years past have for dedicating their lives to understanding and then sharing Wing Chun? Why are they so fond of this magnificent martial art? In your Chi Fighter Wing Chun training will find the answers to the above questions.

Ask yourself, what reasons do you have for dedicating a part of each day to learning and understanding Chi Fighter Wing Chun? Maybe ask, what will not have changed three months from now if you don't step up and become your spiritual best? You have read this far, it is time to make a fundamental shift and give your Spiritual Health the attention it is calling for.

And, if you are a meditating spiritual bad ass I challenge you to humble yourself and learn something new. Enter your contact information bellow along with a short message about what you are doing now to take care of your Spiritual Health and advance your spiritual warrior status. I look forward to meeting you soon.

The mechanism is in place. Ancient and modern secrets have come together in harmony. With practice you will living longer, be stronger and awaken fuller.

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 "The Spiritual Fist begins and ends at the heart."  - Sifu Shaun Kook

In the beginning, practicing Wing Chun daily creates brand new neurological connections in your mind and body. As each day progresses, the connections will become stronger and as the days turn to weeks and months, these connections become like an invisible armor that weighs nothing. But only with daily focused practice, sorry, not short cuts here. Dare to be strong, practice Siu Lim Tao daily.

You have habitual ways of handling the many stresses in your life, true or true? As you attend to your Chi Fighter Wing Chun studies, through it's philosophy and your daily practice, a new confidence will form and you will develop new ways of handling stress. Although, this doesn't happen over night, it does happen faster than you might think.

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Webster’s definition of trauma:
“A very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time.”

Adding to this, research has shown that trauma can be experienced vicariously. In other words, you can be traumatized just by having a friend tell you about their traumatic experience or watching TV.

If you work in a trauma rich environment, you must have a way (a way w/o negative side effects) to shake yourself free from the day's trauma. Chi Fighter Wing Chun might just be the ticket, it is a trauma informed approach to the martial arts.

Trauma is real and it doesn't fight fair. when it hits you, it hits implicitly. You never see it coming and when it's gone you are left feeling dazed and confused.

Learning Chi Fighter Wing Chun will train you and your body to recognize trauma and to let it go fast, especially if its not yours. Let trauma go, let's train today.

Beat the Bully without a Punch

Is your child being bullied?  Do you have a friend who's kid is being bullied? Or, maybe a friend of theirs is being bullied and their friend's experiences are weighing heavy on your child, or your friend's child.

Have you ever been bullied? If you have, then you know that sick feeling being bullied gives you and you probably don't like it, I know I don't and I don't want anyone to have to feel that ugly feeling in the pit of their stomach.

I also know, from talking to parents and youth that most kids being bullied don't want to  learn how to fight. They have zero interest in being mean and often they don't care about working out either, they just want to be themselves.

I always encourage a young person to learn a few skills that will make them strong and less of a target for the bully. But if they simply want to sit and enjoy a slice of pizza, that sounds fun too. I can't fix every situation but I can eat a lot of pizza. And pizza makes everything better.


Self-defense for the Spiritual Warrior. 

Improve your situational awareness with specific Qigong techniques. To best keep safe, stay out of unsafe situations in the first place,doesn't that make sense?

Start your day with a dose of discipline.

Chi Fighter Qigong is simple to learn. It requires very little room to practice and no equipment.

CFQ is a set techniques I put together to improve concentration and calm nerves. Being able to remain calm during stressful situations, is a great mood stabilizer and confidence builder. 

 The world is chaotic, divides are getting stronger. Hate, seclusion and separation are not the answer. Love and Qigong are the answer. You have read this far, it's time to take action. Email me to find out how you can get started. 

"Chi Fighter Wing Chun is the best."  ~ JG